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iLumio Digital Signage technology in entertainment venues – Tauron Arena Kraków

17/08/2018 12:22 Beiträge


Holidays are a time of more frequent music events as well as intensive work for the organisers of mass events. It is no one else but them that are faced with many challenges related not only to ensuring a comfortable place for artists, but also for the whole audience. What conditions should an entertainment and leisure facility meet then?



Preparations for public events pose huge challenges to their organisers. These include but are not limited to ensuring safety, a location with good road/public transport communication links with other parts of the city/town as well as high-quality software supporting, e.g. information exchange. Tauron Arena Kraków is the largest entertainment venue in Poland and one of the most modern ones in the world. The advantage of this building complex are excellent acoustic conditions and a wide range of technical possibilities. Thanks to them, it is possible to use the most advanced stage and multimedia systems. Among other things, innovative solutions are responsible for maintaining the right temperature and humidity inside the building. All this makes Tauron Arena Kraków meet the expectations of not only the organisers of various events, but also the spectators themselves.



Tauron Arena Kraków stands out with its LED screen on the facade that encircles the external structure of the main building. What is also a testimony to the attractiveness and modernity of the building complex are the iLumio Digital Signage multimedia screens. Their strategic placement throughout the facility ensures that all visitors have access to the full offer and services. They were located, among other places, in public areas, main lobbies and VIP boxes. Additionally, their other functions include:


– being a medium for up-to-date information and current promotions;

– being a public and regularly updated schedule of current events;

– being a modern control tool for all monitors from one place, also using a smartphone;

– high-quality images are transmitted from the stage to the screens in public and VIP areas, thanks to which spectators leaving the main building can follow what is happening at concerts.



With iLumio Digital Signage, Tauron Arena Kraków provides personalised content in an attractive and non-standard form, which in turn translates into an additional source of income. Thanks to offer presentation in a way that pertains to the content, user involvement has also improved considerably. This building complex has created a modern, professional and friendly image of the facility that meets the highest expectations of the organisers and participants of mass events.


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